Wednesday, September 21, 2011


so i went shopping today with one of my good friends, her birthday is coming up, she will be 21, the last of us to turn 21 actually.. anyways we are going to vegas in a couple weeks. i am so excited.
okay so i found this dress today... DYING over it

BCBG.....dyingggg. want... want... want...

polka on polka

so polka dots are super in this season... stella and marc created something amazing. 
mostly stella. so obsessed with her polka dots, the sheer... yah its genius. 
any who, i found this sweet blouse at goodwill $4.99 amaze silk black and white. then i paired with this other great find, a navy and white polka dot skirt $5.99 then my new red booties which i've already shared with you and this sweet moschino vest.
its super funky and i'm diggin it. why? because they are two different kinds of polka dots combined. yah thats right MIXED. don't be afraid. go on now. mix away polka princess

these shoes.... honestly i can not get enough of them.... my little red bebes

so as you can see, its similar to i love lucy or anyways thats what it reminds me of... the blouse though actually reminds me of squid wards tentacles.... i think i've been watching too much spongebob...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

feelin groovy?

mellow yellow take 2

Alright so i currently have no one to take pictures of my outfits, so sorry if they are awkward. im given it my grooviest shot. alright so yellow.... you can do so many fun things with yellow! in this mellow yellow take 2, i am using the pleated skirt shown bellow..

here we have a yellow tank paired with the yellow skirt, however, it is not the yellow tank that is apart of the set. my color correction sucks, BUT the yellow tank is actually a different shade of yellow.
which totally works.

pleated skirts are always so fun to spin in, and they always look so good. 
another new obsession of mine... PLEATSSSSSSS

now to add that extra grooviness, i put the missoni for target black and white zig zag shirt to add a little somethin somethin. definitely a great and groovy shirt. lovessssss it

so theres a bit of yellow to inspire you, work the yellow, oh and how do you like my new red shoes?! 

New Shoes

The new addition to my shoe collection. These bad boys are SO comfortable and ultra groovy! so excited to play with them and dress them up!

Dolce vita

Monday, September 19, 2011

mellow yellow

definitely a case of the mondays today...
however, lately i've been really into suit sets, yes i know its very 90's of me, but there are a lot of great suit sets out there. the best part... is mixing and matching the sets or wearing each piece separately...

Jill Stuart Pre Spring 2012
Pleated yellow skirt with matching yellow blouse.

yellow coat or blazer with any neutral colors.

Mulberry Pre Spring 2012
Yellow leather? how awesome. 
Yellow brightens up even the softest colors.

Yellow raincoat, leather bag, yellow platforms.
love, love & love

So i think you all get the jest of yellow and its role in spring 2012. 
i found this amazing 3-piece yellow suit set. complete with fantastic blazer, tank and pleated skirt.

As you can see you can wear each piece separately, which by the way sorry for the wrinkles... i cant seam to find my steamer... i'm dying with out it. anyways. this set is great for layering also with monochromatic colors or neutrals shown above.
dress up the pieces or wear them casually either way, this suit is divine! 
3-piece set - found at Goodwill $9.99 - steal.