Wednesday, September 21, 2011

polka on polka

so polka dots are super in this season... stella and marc created something amazing. 
mostly stella. so obsessed with her polka dots, the sheer... yah its genius. 
any who, i found this sweet blouse at goodwill $4.99 amaze silk black and white. then i paired with this other great find, a navy and white polka dot skirt $5.99 then my new red booties which i've already shared with you and this sweet moschino vest.
its super funky and i'm diggin it. why? because they are two different kinds of polka dots combined. yah thats right MIXED. don't be afraid. go on now. mix away polka princess

these shoes.... honestly i can not get enough of them.... my little red bebes

so as you can see, its similar to i love lucy or anyways thats what it reminds me of... the blouse though actually reminds me of squid wards tentacles.... i think i've been watching too much spongebob...

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