Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mellow yellow take 2

Alright so i currently have no one to take pictures of my outfits, so sorry if they are awkward. im given it my grooviest shot. alright so yellow.... you can do so many fun things with yellow! in this mellow yellow take 2, i am using the pleated skirt shown bellow..

here we have a yellow tank paired with the yellow skirt, however, it is not the yellow tank that is apart of the set. my color correction sucks, BUT the yellow tank is actually a different shade of yellow.
which totally works.

pleated skirts are always so fun to spin in, and they always look so good. 
another new obsession of mine... PLEATSSSSSSS

now to add that extra grooviness, i put the missoni for target black and white zig zag shirt to add a little somethin somethin. definitely a great and groovy shirt. lovessssss it

so theres a bit of yellow to inspire you, work the yellow, oh and how do you like my new red shoes?! 

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